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I have been using the Fuji X100 now for over a month and have to say I am shocked!

When the camera fist came out I had a Fuji X10 it was a great little camera but would not produce images for stock or for printing so it had to go. I was reading up on the X100 at the time and there was mixed reviews so I just did not bother. I decided to get a Nikon D7000 and a couple of lenses as my carry around kit.  But this started to get on my nerves, I wanted to enjoy my days out without having to carry so much but still wanted the option to shoot some stock, as well as the fact I just have to carry a camera everywhere I go !

When the X100s came out every one was raving about how good the X100 was and how great the X100s is so I decided to buy an X100 and see what all the fuss was about!

Well I am blown away by this little camera, not only does it look great but it’s all you need when you are out and about in town or out on your bike, anywhere to be honest, it’s a stunning bit of kit !  So much so that I sold all my DX Nikon bodies and lenses! Yes believe it or not I sold the lot! I still have all my Pro glass and my D3s bodies as I need these for Wildlife and any work that needs fast reaction time. To be honest the X100’s images are nearly as good as the D3s images, the X100 is very slow to focus and due to the fixed lens has no flexibility!  So now what do I do!

I am gutted I brought the X100 and not the X100s but I can live with that, what I can’t live with is the weight of the D3s and all the Pro glass now I have found the X100 !!

I am so shocked at the quality of the X100 images I want to sell all my Nikon gear and move over to Fuji, but I can’t!

Well not just yet but I feel I will be able to soon!  I am very tempted by the Xpro1 but I know the Xpro2 will be out very soon, the only downside is the range of glass for my needs is not quite there yet and I don’t think the Xpro2 will focus as fast as I would like and the frames per second wont quite cut it and some of the quirks will still annoy me! or will they ! I guess I will have to wait and see..

I very much expect I will buy an Xpro2 with some of the lovely Fuji glass and keep my X100 and my D3s but I have a feeling by the time the Xpro7 comes out I will be shooing Fuji all the time !!

Thank you Fuji for taking my photography to the next level by taking me back and making me think !

The image at the top was taken on the X100 using its built in ND filter, I have just ordered a screw on 3 stop filter to help slow things down a little more as this camera is just fantastic for long exposures ! I have just had this image printed and the detail in the mountains in the background is stunning.

I have not raved about a camera for years and I am raving about a camera that is now a year old but I love it, yes its quirky and has some little annoying futures that they have corrected in the X100s but even the X100s has a few quirks, it’s not a DSLR but who the hell wants to walk around with a great big heavy DSLR any more when you can pop an X series in your pocket or even in a canvas  bag and walk around all day without feeling all that weight on your shoulder !!

I will sit here and tap my fingers and wait for the Xpro2 ….. Thank you Fuji…

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