Street and Fuji X series.

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What can I say! Street shooting and Fuji go hand in hand, I lost my confidence shooting street years ago when digital first came out, everyone looks at you when you have a DSLR and even worse when you have a D3s hanging round your neck or any pro body DSLR ! I used to get asked quite a lot was I press and what was I shooting! I just got fed up with trying to explain myself. I like to shoot up close with short and wide primes, but in the end to get a more candid shot with a DSLR I had to start shooting with 300mm Prime or 70-200mm Zoom and it was driving me mad.

The DSLR and 300mm Prime worked very well for my event work, shooting up from the pit to the stage or walking around fields or events I could just pick my shots, it all works very well in the event environment but I was never very happy shooting street shots with a 300mm lens.

I have watched a few YouTube clips on different styles of Street Photography and I think mine is somewhere in the middle. I like to talk to some people and engage with them, sometimes we swap details and I send them a few images or give them a business card. Other times I like to include them in the shot but without them knowing what I am up to, the XF14mm Fuji lens is great for that, you can just pretend to shoot a wall and capture a person or people in the very wide view.

Using a DSLR for years I have never realized how great the rear screen in live view for composing street shots is on these little cameras!

As soon as you put your eye to a camera everyone knows you are about to shoot! But looking at the rear screen people take no notice of you! I noticed this with my i phone you can use your phone all the time and no one takes any notice, you are not a photographer with a phone, it’s just a phone, I am quite sure half the time people don’t even realize people are taking shots with a phone, most of the time you can pretend you are texting and shoot what you like.

I was very unhappy with one aspect of the XE2 when it first came out,  I am hoping Fuji will correct with the first firmware update,  that is the fact you can’t view and review with the EVF only. But yesterday it made me use the rear monitor by accident. I was struggling to get the angles on the shots I wanted due to the amount of people in the city so in the end I was using the rear screen and the fantastic zoom feature found by pressing the scroll wheel! I could check focus and shoot without lifting the camera to my eye, not something I thought about with a DSLR but it’s great to have this feature on a camera.

I was watching another guy walking around with his camera resting over his arm and trying to work out what he was up to, in the end I walked up to him to be nosey ! He had a tilt screen and was using his arm to steady his camera as he shot candid portraits from waist level. I have to admit I did think that was great.

I did take my XPro1 with me and have included an image at the bottom of this post with a shot through the XF35mm lens, I love both cameras it’s very hard for me to say what one I like the most they both have little features that make me smile, the XPro1 feels more like a camera than the XE2 and I do prefer the XPro1 in my hands, but the XE2 is growing on me.

I have had a few messages from people moving over from a DSLR to one of the Fuji cameras and one of the biggest problems they have is how the camera feels and looks in their hands. I fully understand this problem, I went from a Nikon D3s to the XPro1 and that is one hell of a size jump. But once you realize that size does not matter it’s what you do with it !!! (Sorry had to be said ) Then you can move forward and to be honest the Fuji sensor is so good, who cares if the camera feels a bit like a toy.

I had a great time at the Liverpool Christmas Market, it was very busy so will have to have a return trip. It’s the famous Santa Dash this weekend So 10,000 Santa’s shopping and staying in the city over night does not help. I can’t shoot the Santa’s this year as black and white won’t work with blue and red Santa’s and all the other colours I have seen , so going to give it a miss this year. Next year I will hopefully be shooting it with the XPro2 so will have some brightly coloured Santa images for you.

One last thought for every one shooting Christmas Markets, the feedback I got from the stall holders was that they have never seen any images that get shot of them, they say they have thousands of photographers pointing cameras in their faces every day and although very nice  they would love to see some of the images! So drop them a card or even a print if you have time.  We might think we are the only ones taking a shot but some days they have more Photographers than they do customers!  Have fun…

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