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Street Photography Workshops

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My street photography workshops have been going down very well in 2014, its quite sad that I have only got one left this year ! The last one is in Liverpool on the 14th of December at Wilkinson Cameras and will be concentrating on the Liverpool Markets. Its been a great year for me teaching the groups. I said for years I would not want to teach but have found the last year very enjoyable. I am very passionate about Street Photography, also about getting people to explore our great city’s in the UK. I love shooting people and with the modern street techniques and the amazing mirrorless Fuji X Cameras its now just a breeze.

I prefer the XPro1 with a 35mm lens for most of my street work. Looking back at when I shot film I was always wide and long ! So am quite excited about the new Fuji 90mm lens due out in 2016. I do like to get up close in my own work but there are occasions getting close is just not an option. The X-T1 is so much more simple to use but I love the rangefinder feel and style of the XPro1 so hope when the 90mm comes out the XPro2 will be coming out around the same time to give me a pair of Street cameras.


The courses have been so much fun, I have decided to carry on with them in to 2015. I have some very exciting plans for instance  the  Edinburgh Workshop weekend is with Ami Strachan  who is one of my favorite UK street photographers and lives in Edinburgh so will be our guide for the day. People booking on the course can also contact me in advance if they want to try out some of the latest Fuji Cameras and lenses.  I only have 6 places on each course and they get booked very quickly so if you want a place on one of the published courses book now, you can try and get one for a Christmas present !


I will be adding more courses in to the year but at the moment I am trying to fit in my other talks and workshop for some of the retailers in the UK like Cambrian Photography who have a Christmas show on the 6th of December and a very special event in 2015.


I will be adding events in the south once we get in to the new year, so keep checking my Eventbrite page.   I am now an official Fujifilm X photographer and as you know a Formatt Hitech Featured Artist  so have a very interesting project planned for next year using the X Series cameras and Hithech filters in my Street Photography. Its all very exciting and I cant wait for 2015…


South Liverpool Photographic Society

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I was asked to speak about a year ago at the South Liverpool Photographic Society, I said yes due to the fact it was not that far from my home and I had heard great things about these guys.

I went along to one of the club nights to see how things worked and was very impressed with the set up and how friendly the guys were.


I found out its one of the largest groups in the UK and that they were also very interested in having a digital and print based talk. I also managed to get a a few of the latest Fujifilm Digital Cameras to take along for the guys to try out. I think they were quite shocked that those little cameras could create such huge images !  Jane came with me and did over hear one guy say ” that’s it I am going mirrorless” always music to my ears.


I love talking to people with prints, it makes it feel more real ! Hope that makes sense !

I think we should all print our work and one of the best things about this club was the people handing there work in for judging in print form. I look back at all the great images of my past and it brings back so many memories. My mum has a massive draw of memories of her childhood and I have the same hundreds of black and white images and a few colour. I do wonder what our children will have in the future !


This was one of my last talks of 2014, I only have one workshop left so looking forward to a wind down for Christmas. I would like to thank Bert and all the guys at SLPS for making my evening a memorable one and for listening to my passionate talk on black and white.

If you are thinking about joining a club and live in Liverpool this is the one to join.

Digital Splash 2014

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I was asked to speak at Wilkinson Cameras Digital Splash on the 9th of November 2014 about my year of black and white. This was very exciting for many reasons but mainly because I was going to have a chance to show my work in print as well as in a digital presentation.

So I would like to thank Kerry Hendry for inviting me,and David, Paul and Alex for making it such a great weekend.

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My talks were sold out well before the event and the show was packed. Its always great to be able to talk to a crowded room.

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I don’t think people realise the time and commitment and cost that goes in to these shows, we are very lucky to have such great independents in the UK like Wilkinson Cameras.

I did over hear a few people looking at the gear at the show and handling it but talking about buying it from Amazon ! I still find this quiet a shock. I know it’s cheaper at times bit where is the money going and what will happen to these great businesses if we don’t support them!

I buy from my local camera shop because of the great customer service and the fact its easy to returning a product if a fault appears, I also like to know my  money vat and tax is going to support the local economy. In some cases it’s just a few pounds more to buy local so well worth the extra cost to keep the shops open in the high streets. Not just that, but these shops provide training and seminars all year round at some of their branches, so your money is also going to support education and training in photography skills.

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Its always great to be able to speak at any show and pass on the skills I have acquired over my 40+ years of taking pictures. My year of black and white was in 2013 and has been a great subject to talk about, I have been quite surprised at the amount of bookings from camera shops and camera clubs I have had.

Its always a pleasure and never a chore to work for such hard working people in this industry.

Thanks Guys …