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Street Photography Colour / Black and White

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I have been Shooting Street for a very long time now, right from as far back as I can remember so well over 40 years, it’s always been a part of me to shoot people as a subject, but when I shoot it has to be candid. True Street as I have always understood it, will not interfere with the dynamic in the street, and this is the Street Photography I love.  I know the point where you press the shutter to being spotted and getting a reaction or creating a reaction, is a very fine line involving fractions of a seconded, and find this point very well discussed in the street world.

Street portraits are on the rise but I stopped asking a for portraits years back,  I do ask for the odd one or two if the subject is very exciting but hardly every post the images.

I want to go back to my early days and explore the early days of street in my everyday life and workshops and explore the more modern side of street in my new project.


I have shot Street with film for years and as many people know I had a fire in my Flat many years ago and lost my camera gear all my prints and negatives. I stopped shooting for long time and only used a camera to record my family growing up. I just took family snaps in colour and black and white,before the calling of the photography world grabbed me again.

I always preferred black and white film and when I first moved over to digital, I hated the way digital cameras would process black and white and colour.


I stuck to black and white for all the reasons people used black and white in digital, but have been shooting film for my unseen personal work, I will continue shooting film and hope in the future have even more time shoot more and more film and less digital.


I have always struggled with colour in digital and I know in Photoshop you can almost make the colours how you want them and almost do the same in Lightroom but I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to make colours look how I want them to look. The days of transparency film were so simple, shoot get developed and view! Print your work! Job done…

Up to last weekend I have shot 95% black and white but the more I get in to Street the more the colour medium is calling me and thanks to Fujifilm this is so easy, my XPro1 and X-T1 produce such amazing colours, I hardly have to touch them in Lightroom. So it looks like I will be shooting more and more colour over the coming months. I will start off with just street images that feel right in colour and put them mainly in my Tumblr account to see how I feel, and a few on Instagram and possibly a few on Google + Its very hard to mix colour and black and white so I am going to struggle with this in 2015.  But I am starting to fall back in love with colour again thanks to Fujifilm.


I shoot in RAW and the cameras are all set to standard for colour and Lightroom imports the RAW file and I hardly touch the RAW file it’s just a little levels and curves and dodging and burning but I am at last after all this time starting to find my Colour feet.


I very much doubt I will go over to shooting more colour than black and white as I find colour distracting and not a great story telling medium, I also struggle in separating my subject at times in colour but I can’t ignore it any more! I guess it’s just part of the journey.  Who knows I might even shoot colour film again! But I doubt it.


Hard Work and Dedication

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We all get asked a lot how to get on in the Photography Business!

The simple answer is hard work, dedication and focus!

A few years ago I was on holiday on the Isle of Anglesey and with no wifi or tv by choice. I bought myself a few photography magazines. Master your Digital SLR was one of the magazines and the images in the mag were great. I sat there and wondered if I would ever have an image in that mag !   Almost a year to the day I received an email requesting an image for the very same mag !  I was quite surprised and it was out of the blue and in the same week I had a request by five publications for the same image.  I went with the first request and was very happy with a page. I did have a big smile on my face because the week before this request I was asked how you get on in the photography industry! My answer was go out and shoot, create new and interesting content every day, work hard and focus on where you want to be in a year’s time.

2015-01-16 19.55.34


I have always admired people that work hard and dedicate themselves to what they do in any profession. Some weeks I can’t even concentrate I am so busy, but I always remember where I want to be when I am 60 ! Yes my goal is to be in my Camper Van traveling the world with my camera ! So between now and then I need to knuckle down and get saving !


Last year I was with a few friends at The Photography Show watching another friend on stage holding a lighting seminar. I was standing there thinking about what it takes to get up on that stage in front of all those people and do a talk. I was wondering if anyone would ever ask me! If they did ask me what would I say? How scary it would be? Could I do it ?


Well Fuji have asked me to get up on the Street Stage at The Photography Show 2015 and talk about my first love Street Photography! I said yes without any hesitation. I am so proud to be representing a brand I love, all the other scary standing on the stage emotions just melt away! Well not quite!

I have worked very hard over the last year, creating new content and making sure I pack as many courses in and attend as many events as possible. I also have spent a lot of time getting Fujiholics up and running and need to blog about that at some time in the future. So, hard work has paid off again and in answer to my friends question about how you get on in this business its easy. Go out and create new content, work very hard,  focus on your goals and never give up on what you want to achieve!


Liverpool Photo Walk 2015 #LiverpoolPW15

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I organised a Liverpool Photo Walk for Saturday the 10th January 2015, it became known as #LiverpoolPW15. My first thoughts were for a walk to see in the New Year, and get a few like minded people out in the fresh air for a nice walk around the city.  So I set up my Eventbrite page with 100 free places. I thought if I set 100 places and 100 people sign up about 30 might come, but 100 places were gone in a week!  So I made 200 places, and in the end I had 130 people sign up to the walk.


The weather forecast for the day was not great high wind and rain so I was not expecting too many people and had received a few emails to let me know people could not make it, so I was not expecting a great turnout. But I was wrong, a few head counts on the day revealed we had around 175 people in total! Wow that was a great attendance!


So thank you to all you guys that attended the walk, you all made it a great day, and after all, photo walks are all about like minded people at a social event taking photos and sharing tricks and tips, and having a great day meeting new people and making new friends in real life and then becoming friends on social media.

I have had a large amount of emails thanking me for the day. Some quite overwhelming! You know who you are and it was nice to meet you guys to and glad you came out. I have tried to reply to as many as I can but if I have missed any sorry and thanks for your emails.


The feedback has been great and yes I will be organizing  another free walk later in the year around October time I expect, not yet decided on Liverpool again or Edinburgh! Feel free to email me your thoughts on what city.

I would like to thank all the guys in the trade that put up prizes and supplied tea and coffee and discounts and gifts for the day. So a BIG thank you to Cambrian Photography, SmugMug,Formatt Hitech,Wilkinsons,FujifilmUK.

Thank you Sarah,Richard,Alistair,James,Alex,G,Jim,Tony and everyone that helped out on the day.

For information on the next one check out my Eventbrite Page for updates.

For the Video of the day.

Thanks again for a great turnout I hear it might be the largest ever UK photo walk so thanks everyone see you on the next one.