Hard Work and Dedication

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We all get asked a lot how to get on in the Photography Business!

The simple answer is hard work, dedication and focus!

A few years ago I was on holiday on the Isle of Anglesey and with no wifi or tv by choice. I bought myself a few photography magazines. Master your Digital SLR was one of the magazines and the images in the mag were great. I sat there and wondered if I would ever have an image in that mag !   Almost a year to the day I received an email requesting an image for the very same mag !  I was quite surprised and it was out of the blue and in the same week I had a request by five publications for the same image.  I went with the first request and was very happy with a page. I did have a big smile on my face because the week before this request I was asked how you get on in the photography industry! My answer was go out and shoot, create new and interesting content every day, work hard and focus on where you want to be in a year’s time.

2015-01-16 19.55.34


I have always admired people that work hard and dedicate themselves to what they do in any profession. Some weeks I can’t even concentrate I am so busy, but I always remember where I want to be when I am 60 ! Yes my goal is to be in my Camper Van traveling the world with my camera ! So between now and then I need to knuckle down and get saving !


Last year I was with a few friends at The Photography Show watching another friend on stage holding a lighting seminar. I was standing there thinking about what it takes to get up on that stage in front of all those people and do a talk. I was wondering if anyone would ever ask me! If they did ask me what would I say? How scary it would be? Could I do it ?


Well Fuji have asked me to get up on the Street Stage at The Photography Show 2015 and talk about my first love Street Photography! I said yes without any hesitation. I am so proud to be representing a brand I love, all the other scary standing on the stage emotions just melt away! Well not quite!

I have worked very hard over the last year, creating new content and making sure I pack as many courses in and attend as many events as possible. I also have spent a lot of time getting Fujiholics up and running and need to blog about that at some time in the future. So, hard work has paid off again and in answer to my friends question about how you get on in this business its easy. Go out and create new content, work very hard,  focus on your goals and never give up on what you want to achieve!


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