Month: December 2015

The Stunning X-T10

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What can I say, I have owned or still own every X series camera that Fuji have made and so far the X-T10 is the star. I love my X-T1 and should prefer it to the X-T10,  I actually do when I am shooting events in the rain and need a battery grip but the rest of the time the X-T10 is my go to camera.

I am never one for a technical review. I like to use a camera over a few months and see how it works for me in the real world.


I used to take the X100T everywhere I went but now its the X-T10. Its so small and with the 27mm pancake lens its just the best street camera in the range. I have also found myself using it for long exposure workshops instead of the X-T1.


I think the autofocus is just a little bit faster than the X-T1 and the images from RAW appear to be a little cleaner and sharper, so much so that I hardly spend any time processing them.

I have hardly picked up my X-T1 since the festival season finished and have had the X-T10 around my neck in all weathers (not that I recommend you do it) but I have found myself shooting in torrential rain and this little camera has not missed a beat. It’s no secret I use my cameras  as a tool and not a prize possession. This little camera is just bullet proof.


It’s small enough to be invisible for Street but has a great viewfinder and perfect size rear screen for me to teach Landscape and  Long Exposure classes.

I thought I would be running back to my X100T or my X-T1 in no time but I am still in love with this little thing.

It’s great with most of the smaller lenses but becomes unbalanced with the larger glass but this is to be expected.


I use this camera on Auto ISO for most of my Street work and shoot with the large green square on continuous focus for anything that is moving. It nails it 99% of the time, this is with me walking and my subject on the move. I hear lots of people talking about how the Fuji’s don’t compare to the DSLR they have and I find this strange as the people that come on my workshops with DSLRs can’t get a single in focus shot on the move. They can with the shutter speed cranked up to the max on a bright day but thats a different story.

I go out day after day with this little camera and come home very pleased with the keepers.

I have been using it with the 27mm as if it was bolted on but now I have the new 35mm f/2. I hope to give it a treat over the festive period with a change of glass.

I can’t fault this little camera and I love it so much I have two, one to shoot wide and one to shoot long!

So this is my go to Fuji X Series Camera until something more interesting comes along…



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It’s taken me a long time to make this move. I have never seen the point in changing. What is the point in changing to a MAC when my PC set up is fine. Even though my laptop was driving me nuts I could see no advantage but with all the recent changes by Microsoft and Adobe  causing me so many issues, I decided to look for a new laptop to help solve these problems in one go. There lays the rub! I was fully aware that if I went the MacBook Pro route my PC would have to change to a MAC and this was holding me back from the swap.


I purchased  a Qnap TS453 Pro NAS a few months back as I wanted a decent back up solution that I could gain access to anywhere in the world through an internet connection. The trouble was, my lap top was so slow I could not edit on the move and the changes made by Adobe and Windows 10 prevented Lightroom from working with my graphics card.

After talking to a few friends they convinced me to get a MacBook Pro, thank you Tim, Linda and Rich Waine.


My mind was made up, I went out and got a MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display 2.8GHz Quad-core Intel i7,Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz with 1TB Flash Storage.

Whilst in the apple store I got talking to the guy and he said “not getting a MAC then” ! I said how do you mean ? He said “thats one hell of a bit of kit that and will run your monitors”. I had already been told by a few friends that the MAC 4k and 5k screens hurt their eyes when editing after a while so this was great news, I did not need a MAC.

I already had a very nice Acer 27″ Monitor and this would work very well for the internet with facebook etc  so all I needed was a decent editing monitor. After a quick conversation with another few friends the toss up was NEC or Eizo and the Eizo won the day.


I also upgraded to the amazing Eizo ColourEdge CG277 27″ Self Calibrating Monitor.

The changeover was pain free and due to the fact I have my Lightroom and Photoshop on the cloud it was all very simple.

The only way to explain the changeover is like this, when you are used to making tea in your own home it’s simple. If you have to make tea in your friends house it takes a while to work out where things are but once you find the tea bags, cups and milk it’s all very simple.

It’s quite simply the best move I have ever made! I can take my MacBook with me and edit on the road and not have spend hours at my desk on my return home.

I can use three screens and configure the screens how I wish or even shut the MacBook and just work on the two 27″ monitors.

I have to confess it’s not all about Apple and Apple fanboys like people say it is. For photo editing it honestly is a no brainer. It’s not cheap to change over but once you realise you just need a MacBook Pro and that’s it then it’s simple. This thing is so fast as my friends kept telling me and even better, all very portable.

I will let you know how I get on in a few months but so far, I wish I had made the change years ago !


Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year…