Month: June 2018

Canon G7X at Festivals

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I have been shooting Festivals on and off for over 30 years. One thing I never have to think about is taking a Professional  looking camera in with me, as I am a Professional and always get a pass. I understand these days though, so many people are not allowed to take cameras in with big zoom lenses or a camera that looks Professional (whatever that means !)

So this year I decided to just take my little pocket sized Canon G7X with me. It has a 24-100mm Equivalent Built in Zoom that is f/1.8-2.8 with a 1″ sensor. I did take a couple of back up cameras with me but in the end I shot the whole festival on the G7X and was very impressed.


I did have a couple of missed focus shots but not that many to be honest, only about 5% and that’s quite good. I would only expect about 3% with my Fuji’s so all in all very impressed. I have no doubt if I have more time with the G7X my hit rate would improve.


I am not a fan of Zooms but they do have a use at festivals and this little G7X zoom is great. It gives a nice wide view and also gets you in close when you need it.


I am so impressed with the G7X that I would take this camera with me to every festival as a back up or even as my main camera. I love it out on the Street and now as a Festival camera. I will leave you with a few shots from my Africa Oye my favourite Free UK festival that does allow you to take camera and have a chilled out,  family day out.











Canon Gx7 Mark II for Street

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Whilst away this weekend working in Scotland I made a stupid mistake. I was in a rush whilst working in Glasgow Wex and left my X100F and X70 in the store ! Locked up in Fujifilm Jail for the weekend.

I woke up Sunday and realised what I had done and then had to face the whole prospect of a day out in Glasgow with my friends shooting Street without a camera ! I could not cope with that prospect, so went to Argos and after a search through the Argos Catalog (how old school was that) I decided the Canon Gx7 Mark II would be a great pocket Street Camera, so brought one.

We all met up soon after my early morning purchase in Caffee Nero. The guys all looked at me with a new Canon on charge like I had two heads. You can only imagine the comments ! Canonholics was mentioned more than once !!

After charging the battery to about half full I then plugged it in my power bank and off we went. I love the powerbank option for a start.

I was not expecting much as I am a Fujifilm addict and the Gx7 only has a 1″ Sensor and I am a 1.5 Crop kinda guy. It’s also a Zoom and I am a Prime addict. I suppose the worst part was the fact the on off switch on most of the Fujifilm Cameras is a switch around the shutter button and on the GX7 that was the Zoom control, so it was a while before I got used to that.

Once fully charged I was in full street flow learning the Gx7 on the fly and really getting to love the compact size and easy menus.

I have to say I am Blown away and this little camera is going to go everywhere with me from now on. It’s 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 Zoom lens is stunning and the images out of this little camera have blown me away.

It turns out leaving my Fujifilm Cameras locked in the shop has been a happy Accedent !

The first image I shot with the Gx7 was the one below.

From the moment I shot this image, I was in love with this little camera. It very much reminded me of the very first Fujifilm X10. I really missed my X10 it was such a great little camera. I never really got on with the X20 or X30 but this little tiny GX7 Mark II is just stunning. I can’t wait to get out and shoot with it again. I will update you over the next few months but so far it’s a stunning bit of kit.