South Liverpool Photographic Society

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I was asked to speak about a year ago at the South Liverpool Photographic Society, I said yes due to the fact it was not that far from my home and I had heard great things about these guys.

I went along to one of the club nights to see how things worked and was very impressed with the set up and how friendly the guys were.


I found out its one of the largest groups in the UK and that they were also very interested in having a digital and print based talk. I also managed to get a a few of the latest Fujifilm Digital Cameras to take along for the guys to try out. I think they were quite shocked that those little cameras could create such huge images ! ┬áJane came with me and did over hear one guy say ” that’s it I am going mirrorless” always music to my ears.


I love talking to people with prints, it makes it feel more real ! Hope that makes sense !

I think we should all print our work and one of the best things about this club was the people handing there work in for judging in print form. I look back at all the great images of my past and it brings back so many memories. My mum has a massive draw of memories of her childhood and I have the same hundreds of black and white images and a few colour. I do wonder what our children will have in the future !


This was one of my last talks of 2014, I only have one workshop left so looking forward to a wind down for Christmas. I would like to thank Bert and all the guys at SLPS for making my evening a memorable one and for listening to my passionate talk on black and white.

If you are thinking about joining a club and live in Liverpool this is the one to join.