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Crazy really to think I would have never used a phone as my main camera a couple of years back but now only a couple of weeks ago I sold 90% of my camera gear to MPB.

I have been using my phone more and more over the last few years and my cameras less and less. I honestly thought after my stroke in late 2018 I would give up photography all together. I tried to get back in to it but just found the whole process a pain in the arse ! I still have my X100F with one conversion lens and my XPro2 with one lens but sold the rest. I do have a 360 Camera but bloody hell the camera is amazing but editing the footage is a pain in the arse ! I might use it again next summer but even though the camera is great water on the lens is problematic.

Taken in the dark

I said to myself a couple of years back “don’t buy any more camera gear just upgrade your phone every couple of years” so that’s what I do now. This new iPhone 14 is a little bit buggy at the moment but with all these new updates the future updates should sort it. I have even stopped my Adobe Subscription as it’s now a waste of time. I now shoot on my phone and use the Apple camera edit function or a 3rd party App. It works for me and what I shoot these days.

Ibbotson’s Lane

I started to think a couple of years back when we were walking in the Peak District how inconvenient a camera is now a days compared to a smartphone. With a camera most are bulky and you have to transfer the images by memory card or Bluetooth to your editing device is not a long process but it’s more steps than a phone. These days I can stick my phone in my pocket go for a walk take a few photos edit and upload whilst walking or when I stop for a coffee ! I know it’s not a real camera but who cares it works for me.


I have printed a few images from my phone and they are great in A4 and even quite good up to A3 phones really have come along way over the last 5 years. If I fancy a day out shooting street I might take my X100F but to be honest I could probably use my phone and might even try some steer with it in 2023 some time.


The above 4 images are the optical options on the iPhone 14 ProMax I find this both fascinating and stunning that you can get such a zoom and super wide lens on a bloody phone !!! All in one place in your pocket ! All the above images are just quick snaps unedited.


I really have been blown away by the iPhone 14 and it is a step up from the 12 ProMax in a few ways but in all honesty the only reason I got the 14 was because my 12s battery was not lasting all day. A little thing I know but a really good excuse !


I wonder how many people with move over to smart phones over the next 5-10 years and how this will effect the camera industry ! I thought I would always have a camera but it’s just not that practical anymore for what I do. The future of the smart phone is quite epic.

Colonsay we missed you

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I can’t even start to tell you how much we love this small island on the West Coast of Scotland. It’s tiny you can walk or cycle round it in a few hours it’s got 1 main shop a couple of Cafes a hotel a tiny petrol station and a population of about 150 people. Lots of cows and sheep who wander about all over the place but it’s the most relaxing place we have ever been.

The Stables

The first and second time we visited we stayed in The Stables above but this time we stayed in The Avenue below. To be fair they are not that far apart and all on the Colonsay Estate grounds.

The Avenue

You are allowed to wild camp in a small tent on Colonsay but no camper vans are allowed unless you are staying in accommodation on the island and I think that’s a good thing. The island is small and Camper vans all over the place would be horrendous. The roads are all single track with passing places but hardly any cars so cycling and walking is bliss. They have there own version of Highway Code but it works and makes sense. Most of the time cars wait for you to be in a passing place but if they don’t cyclists are asked to get off their bikes. This makes perfect sense because if you topple over you will be in a ditch or on a barbed wire fence. However all the locals let you pass in a passing space it’s only holiday makers who are in a hurry !

I am not going to tell you where all the beaches are if you go you can find them all for yourselves I am also not going to name them all but trust me this tiny island has some of the best beaches in the world and there is no one on them but you 99.9% of the time.

The cows and sheep are everywhere all over the island and on the beaches but the cows are the most relaxed cows I have ever come across ! Even with calf’s they ignore you and your dogs but if you do have a reactive dog be aware the cows do not move and will walk in to you. So keep your dog back and on a lead.

If you love swimming walking cycling Kayaking or SUP and just relaxing this is the place to come. It’s our third visit and we will be back again probably in about 10 years time. The last time we came was 10 years ago and there has been very little change. But there are quite a few plans in for new homes and some growth in the tiny port. So it will be great to come back in 10 years to see the changes. I hear there might be a small campsite as well ! Not sure if this is good or bad ! I guess time will tell.

There is a Zero Tolerance to Litter on the Island and that is bliss. We did not see any litter and there are collection points on most of the beaches for plastic waste from the sea.

It’s funny recommending this Island because we don’t want everyone to go and spoil it but trust me it’s the most relaxing place we have ever been. The worst part of the holiday it leaving the Island! I will leave you with some images of out trip.

Litter Part 2

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Penny Lane

What I have discovered after a few weeks of daily litter picking.

I have been walking the same route every day for about a month now to see what I can find out about litter. This is not including the parks or prom locations it’s just public roads. I collect roughly 1 bin bag a day just from the roads.

There are some hot spots and these are around news agents and take aways. There are also hotspots at road junctions and dips in the road or corners in the road where people think they can’t be seen dropping litter out of car windows.

There are also places where people throw litter out of car windows where they think it won’t be seen ! Not realising it’s very obvious from another viewpoint ! See below

Litter thrown over bridge
Dog poo and plastic mostly

It’s only a very small amount of people who litter but they do it every day and every day that adds up to quite a bit. There is one corner where every day there is 1 can of energy drink and 1 smoking device packet ! It’s always in the same place every day. That one corner is not alone I find plenty of roads have the same litter in the same place every day.

I do believe the Government have a lot to answer for as well ! There should be a plastic tax now for all plastic bottles if they can do it with carrier bags they can do it with bottles. The amount of half drunk drinks tells me they are to cheep and as for cheep water bottles they are everywhere!

The crazy thing is this country is water is free out of the tap and it’s regulated unlike bottled water that contains all sorts of issues including the fact it’s in cheap polluting plastic.

Every news agents and take away should be responsible for the waste outside there premises for at least 500 yards. I walk past some very disgusting shops ! I personally would not shop in a place that did not clear up outside ! Hopefully in the future the shops would need to have this written in to their licence.

You can always find a take away just start looking for polystyrene containers along a road and you will soon find one.

There is a Cafe and shop on part of my walk and a bin. But the people that use the cafe and shop that drive there hide the litter down the side of their cars and vans then drive off !!!

I have a dream that one day every single person that runs, walks, walks there dogs or even just pops to the shops will pick up 1 piece of litter a day. I dream that everyone will just pick up the litter outside there own home or shop.

Of course I would love people to stop dropping it and don’t think schools or parents do enough to educate there kids.

I have not had 1 negative comment yet but a friend who helps me at the weekend who litter picks quite a bad area gets the “don’t know why you bother” comments !!

The truth is the days have gone of any council being able to afford a team of road sweepers sweeping every day ! By Road sweepers I mean men with brooms and carts. If I can pick up 1 bag a day from a few roads imagine the litter that gets dropped every single day !!! If we pick it up as groups or independents then that will free up the councils to clear bigger areas and hit the hot spots. One of the big issues for cleaning streets is the sheer amount of cars that line most terraced streets in city’s. You can’t just drive down with a sweeper as they can’t even get to the kerb ! Most terraced streets the litter in the gutters had fallen out of the cars parked next to it. The mindset is the council can clear it up !!! How the bloody hell can they do that with a car parked over it 24/7 !

I think we need a network of mobile enforcement cameras to target these motorists who throw litter out of windows because the fines will go back to the councils to find more litter picking and Road sweepers etc

There has been a lack of enforcement in this country for litter and parking offences and it’s time for change ! No council has any money anymore for roads of litter but they are missing out on Millions of pounds in fines that could go back in to the system for equipment and infrastructure.

Ironically I just looked at the first photo in this blog post and there is £60 fine for pavement parking going to waste right there !

Do I think we will ever stop litter or pavement parking ! No I don’t but that’s perfect because with proper enforcement that’s millions of pounds every year collected to use by cash strapped councils ! We could have amazing roads without pot holes and a network of litter cams bringing in fines to put back in to the system for a network of road sweepers and better bins etc The cameras could be moved from one hot spot to the next. I know it’s hard to fine people walking along dropping litter but most of this is outside shops or a short distance from shops.

I have a lot to say about parks and green spaces and litter but will leave that until next time.

If you read this please think about not dropping litter and if you walk anywhere please pick up 1 piece of litter a day.

Litter Picking

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Not really sure where to start ! You probably all remember my Litter 365 Project on Instagram well that was way back at the start of the first Lockdown.

I was always of the opinion that I could just not pick up other peoples shit ! I was brought up to put my rubbish in the bin and clear up after myself. I have never dropped or thrown litter on the floor. I know lots of people that are the same ! But there is a huge percent of people these days that just don’t care ! They are still the minority but they are growing.

People moan about councils budgets but in Liverpool alone I think it costs over 10 million a year to to pick up all the litter dropped !! That’s absolutely mind blowing !

One day whilst out walking Jake cut his foot on a bottle so I decided I had, had enough of the litter. I noticed a local group The Penny Lane Wombles had some kit from LSSL Liverpool so sent them a message on Twitter and they offered my a litter picker and some bags. I excepted and went to pick them up.

Picking litter is something I said I would never do but hear I am doing it every day on every dog walk.

It sort of goes like this ! You swear you will never do it. You get sick of the litter. You notice that 5 min after the council have swept a street there is litter again. You pick up the odd bottle or tin ! Then you bite the bullet and start using a picker and a bin bag.

It’s strange at first as you don’t want people to be negative towards you but so far I have had lots of people say thank you. I have even had people walk past me and pick up a few cans and bottles and put them in the bin. It becomes very addictive and the amazing thing is once you have a route you only have a few bits to pick a day.

Unfortunately for me I have chosen a great route as far as the streets are concerned but I walk in a park that is well used in the summer and at weekends !! The council staff can’t cope so it’s quite a job on some days ! My first day I got 4 bags but did not get every bit. My second day 4 bags but got 90% the next day only got 3 bags. The next day the park was trashed so got 5 bags.

As quite a few of you know who follow my blog I have IBS and Brain Damage following my stroke so this was quite a challenge to start doing litter picking especially with Jake on a lead but I have to say I love so much about it. My IBS is fine because I concentrate on litter picking and my mental health is also getting a huge boost from not just the picking but all the nice comments from the local people.

So what have I learned so far ? Flat tin cans are a real pain to pick up ! You have to squash them with your feet first. A huge quantity of plastic bottles are only partly drunk so your bag can get heavy quickly unless you empty them. Most of the litter is close to shops or it’s dropped out of car windows. In the school holidays there are penny mix bags everywhere. Cars are responsible for a huge amount of take away rubbish just dumped out of car windows.

The negative side is there is more human shit than there is dog shit !!! If you find Poo with paper or wipes it’s not a dog !! If people can carry baby wipes with them to have a crap on footpaths and alleyways they should carry dog poo bags with them to clear it up.

It’s funny really you walk down the road and see signs everywhere “Clean up after your dog” but dog poo is very rare these days the signs need to say clean up after yourselves use the bins or take your rubbish home !!

I love my walking and I love this country ! We have some amazing roads houses and parks. I am basically fed up with litter and have decided to do my bit. I am really enjoying it and meeting lots of other people who are picking litter and repairing areas of their community ! There are lots of groups growing in towns and city’s doing great work in the community. You don’t have to join one but it’s great to be part of a new movement who actually get out and do something instead of moaning about it on Social Media 24/7

Fly tipped sand

I do wonder if there should be a plastic tax on single use plastic bottles and sweet wrappers ? There should also be more places to return your cans to. Half the bottles I find are half full so obviously they are to cheep and as for water in bottles in the UK it’s just stupid ! You are buying something that’s free out of a tap ffs ! So in reality you are buying a plastic bottle to throw away !!

I walk about 5-6 miles a day get great exercise and walk my dog and now pick up litter it’s actually very good for me and really brings people together and brings civic pride back to the community ! Try it some time and let me know how you get on….


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After a long lay off I am now fit enough to do at least 1 photowalk. I was planning to do a London walk first but due to the over priced trains and expensive hotel prices in London in July/August I had to change my plans.

I have decided to do my first Photowalk in over three years in Liverpool. I know people from Scotland and the South will struggle to get to Liverpool but the Hotels and Trains are not so bad if you travel South to North for some strange reason !

The Photowalk will start at 11am on the 30th July 2022 from the Statue of Eros in Sefton Park Liverpool. Its the statue on the old fountain by the main park Cafe so plenty of toilets and food and drink for the meet up.

The route will take in Sefton Park Lake and pass the boat house cafe. It will then make its way to Otterspool to take in the Mersey. After an amble along the river and through some woods it will end up in Lark Lane. The walk will be approx 2-4 hours depending on peoples pace and how many photos are taken.

Parking for the walk will be around Sefton park where there is ample free parking. If you are coming by train it’s probably best to get off at St Michaels Station and walk up Lark Lane to the park. When the walk is over people can walk back to the park or back to the station quite easily. If people are cycling in there are a few routes to the park and plenty of cycle racks.

I will update this blog the weekend before the walk with a map of the route. Please feel free to share a link to this blog to anyone interested in a great few hours out with like minded people. You can bring and camera or smartphone or just come along for the chat and a day out.

Hope to see you at the end of July …

Bute Part 2

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Bute is perfect for Cycling and Walking. We explored about 70% of the Island but unpredictable weather held us back so we will just have to come back. Jake was not to keen on the single wheeled trailer and started to get warn out about the 20 mile mark so need to invest in a dog specific trailer so we can go further. Next time we come we can explore the rest by bike.

We managed to find the Bunker and the Swing, we could not do the circular walk due to Cows with Calf’s on one section of the walk. But that made the walk through the forest more interesting.

The Tourist Information on Bute is well worth a visit. Very very helpful and friendly team. They actually come out from behind the counter and talk to you. We asked lots of questions about the very confusing bus time tables and some of the old Victorian buildings. No question was to much.

We were waiting for a bus that was not running one one of the days but the bus driver for the later bus let us in to keep warm and dry whilst we waited for an hour. We ended up talking to the bus driver and a guy that works in the Woodlands Study Centre for an hour, turned out to be one of the highlight of the holiday. You forget just how much you can learn from each other in such a short space of time by just talking. Something social media sadly lacks these days because it just wants to sell you something.

Not often you get a ferry to a pub but it was well worth the £2.50 return ! The meal in The Colintraive Hotel was fantastic and so was the service.

A great way to get back to Scotland was a 10 day stay on Bute. Lots to do and see, plenty of places to eat and drink. Lots to explore by bike or on foot or even by taxi. Can’t wait to come back in a few years time and see how much it’s changed. Very cheap ferry crossings for pedestrians and cars so well worth a visit.

Scotland We Have Missed you Bute part 1

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It’s been quite a while due to Lockdown and Covid restrictions since we have set foot on any of the Scottish Islands.

We did make it to Glasgow a couple of times to catch up with friends and then to Glencoe a while back.

It’s still strange travelling in to different areas that had different covid restrictions because you just get used to going everywhere unrestricted then you drive in to an area where you are asked to wear a mask again. It’s not an issue but you just don’t have one in your pocket.

We decided to try the Isle of Bute, we have never been before and it’s only a short Ferry Crossing. If you ever come to Bute make sure you check out the Toilets at the Bute Ferry Terminal ! Probably the best Toilets in Scotland. Be aware though of ladies in the gents and gents in the ladies with cameras !

As with all the Scottish islands once you get on the Ferry you feel you are really on Holiday ! There is something about being on an Island that makes you relax.

Bute is a small island but is full of wildlife and plenty of places to visit it and walk to. Also if you just want to walk and cycle it’s a dream as it’s almost traffic free. The locals drive very respectfully and drive very slowly past you when walking or cycling. The roads are empty but do keep an eye out for the half asleep speeding tourist !

Mount Stuart is well worth a visit with its amazing house and gardens.

We spent a good 10 days exploring the Island on foot by bike and by Bus. There are some real hidden Gems tucked away. we will explore more in Part 2.

Antisocial Media

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Otterspool Woods

I have eventually found some space in my head to start making a few more YouTube videos. It’s very strange when you have a new YouTube account with a very small subscriber list but also quite refreshing because so far I have Zero Trolls !

The recent video was about the Negativity of Twitter. I have removed the Twitter and Facebook Apps from my phone. What a huge difference this has made. I did close my Facebook account but due to a few meet ups and planning a future event I opened it again. I am very struck and only go the the event group but it’s amazing how Facebook try’s to pull you in with notifications. I am however wise to this now and strictly limit my exposure.


Twitter is a whole new ballgame ! I used to really like Twitter it had a great community, I guess one of the reasons for that was most of the idiots were on Facebook. However over the last five years there has been a migration from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter. Not only has Twitter gained some right idiots it’s also one of the most abused platforms by Trolls and Bots ! It’s also well abused by foreign powers and government hackers. It’s become an echo chamber of politics hate and fake news !

Glencoe Lochen

Twitters algorithms are horrendous with a huge negative bios ! So much so it drives just about every trigger post it can to you to get you to interact ! Quite like Facebook but a lot more obvious.

It’s great when you step away for a while because when you look back it all stands out like a sore thumb.

About six of my good friends have come off social media or removed the Apps from their phones over the last two years and their lives have changed for the better because of it. They have more time for themselves. They are happier, the meet real people more, travel more, visit Exhibitions and Events and really are doing so much better without the so called Social Media Chanel’s

When I made my YouTube video I had to think long and hard about posting it on Twitter and Facebook as it just felt like a negative thing to do.


I learnt a lot from a great book by Andy Workman called Cave Men and Poler Bears ! It’s all about being positive and how negativity effects our brain.

After reading the book and quite a few others I realised that my brain was almost on autopilot searching out negativity and even worse engaging with negativity on Twitter etc It’s crazy really the amount of people every day on Twitter and Facebook thinking they have a platform to make change by shouting about their cause from the rooftops !

To be honest in the early days you probably could get your cause out there or you could be proactive and get an audience ! But not anymore you are just one of the billions of people on Social media shouting at the moon !

I see people every day shouting screaming arguing and being in some cases nasty and quite vicious towards their friends just trying to make a point about Politics Covid or what ever the next cause is !

They don’t even realise they are shouting to the same audience every day and half their friends have muted or blocked them. Not only that but by keep repeating the same negativity every day they are training their own brains to seek out and find more negativity !

In the UK it’s been one thing after the other ! The Election, the American Election, Brexit, Local Elections, Local Politics, Covid, Dog Theft, Bad Driving, Bad Parking, Police Brutality in America, Black Lives Matter I could go on and it will ! There will always be the next thing if that’s what you want to spend your life focused on.

No wonder people are so anxious and full of anxiety and getting depressed at unprecedented levels ! Shouting at the moon every day about the next issue will do that !

Lake District

I now limit my Social Media and will remove myself from it totally on my 60th Birthday. It’s amazing how much of a time drain it is as well. I now have time for Painting, Cycling, longer walks, time at the Range target shooting, I am thinking about starting Clay Pigeon Shooting again. I even have time to make YouTube videos. I hade not updated this blog in a while but that’s because I have so much to do I forget !! Hopefully I will even get back to my photography again soon.

Hope you all have a great Easter Weekend happy holidays ….

Fame Game

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I have been reading a lot more books recently probably because I deleted my Twitter App from my phone. Yes I resurrected an old Twitter account and went back for a while but due to its negative bias Algorithms I have deleted my App. I will check in from time to time but won’t be looking every day !

I have also been listening to a few podcasts as well as listening to Audio Books. I will go in to this more in-depth on YouTube in the future.


Most books I have read or listened to or YouTube podcasts have mostly contained Famous people or people becoming famous because of the internet. It made me really think about my growth before my stroke and how the Fame held me back. Most people will think I am mad but I did not like the attention or the Fame so let me explain why.

At first as you become more well known online you don’t actually understand what is going on ! In fact some things are just confusing. People come up to you in the street and walk right up to you and say “hi Matt how you doing” you look that them and think “who the fuck is that” you literally walk along thinking where do I know them from ? School, Work, online ! At first this is few and far between but as your online presence grows this increases.

Paternoster Square Linda Christian and myself

As your following and reach extends and grows this happens more often to the point where random people stare at you in shops or in the street. This is very uncomfortable.

I said early on in this process to Jane “ I am not sure I like this and no way would I want to be like David Beckham” it’s a very strange slow process.

I was warned very early on that some of my friends would turn on me because they were Jealous and some would cling to me and hope that my journey would help their Journey, then turn on me when that did not happen.


This all came true and then you get the Trolls and the negative side of online Fame and trust me there are some Fucked up people out there !! I had to block 100s of people because they actually thought they were my real friends and even had some very awkward situations with some women ! One traveled for the other side of the world to see me ! Not once but twice and it was not until a good friend showed me her facebook feed did I realise there was a problem !! It was like a shrine to me ! Very scary !

The scary thing for me was the fact this was a very tiny insight in to Fame ! I was only known from the internet for my Photography and later for my live shows and talks. This then grew from my Photowalks and Key Note Talks around the UK and the world. I was just about to talk in South Africa when a few creepy events made me slow down.

Photography Show NEC

I started getting phone calls and emails from Stalkers !! Crazy right ! Trust me I was not on TV I was hardly online and my following was only about 1 million followers at the time. I tried to work out with a friend at the time how many real people that might be and we came to the conclusion it was between 250,000 to 500,000 excluding the bots and trolls. So not a great amount of people.

So I started to turn down work ! I turned down a trip to Australia for Sony Music and South Africa for the SARPS and lots more events and I focused on photo walks and talks for Fujifilm.


At the time then I had been put on several lists of the worlds best Street Photographers and ended up on a speaker list. I had full workshops all the time and had record for the largest amount of people on a photowalk in the UK. Also I noticed I had been quoted wrongly many times in the media for what I had or had not done or said. The Fame was now uncomfortable and out of hand.

As you become more well known doors open for you and plenty close. You get invites to great parties and events and your work schedule increases to chaotic workaholic mental level. It’s insane your phone does not stop your emails are over 200+ a day and you are travelling all the time and living out of a suitcase and your home is hotels !

Some people think they want to be Famous and in all honesty so did I at the start !


Around this time I was booked for an event, it was just an hours talk on Street Photography but I was working in Glasgow and the event was London ! Train was late so I was running late. On that train Journey I suddenly realised I was not sure I wanted to do this anymore. I arrived at the venue and needed food. The Host gave me a voucher for a meal. I went to the restaurant grabbed some food and sat down. I looked up and this guy was staring at me I then noticed the whole bloody room was doing the same ! I felt really self conscious eating for the first time in my life ! Was I eating with my mouth open ? Was their food on my chin ? I was so self conscious I finished quickly and left.

Just before I went onstage I looked at Twitter and some idiot had put a photo of me online with sweaty armpits ( it was summer) pointing in the air on a Photo walk. I then noticed someone had photographed me eating just now and put that online ! The next moment I was onstage and stuck in to my talk …

Liverpool Giants

I have left out of this just how hard getting up on stage and talking was ! I will cover that on YouTube as it’s easier to talk about IBS and Dyslexia than it is to write about it.

I came of stage and some guy said “ did you wear that T shirt in Glasgow” my answer was true but fuck me this was a turning point. I said “ I liked the T Shirt so brought 3” now I know why famous people wear the very same black T shirt every day or wear a different dress every appearance !

I think it was at that point I decided to slow down ! I took on less work and started to wind things down as the thought of more Fame scared the hell out of me. I know the Money and Work would have been great but the Fame was not for me.

In retrospect I realise they go together in this day and age but, it was getting scary ! I kept saying “I am semi retired” much to a few friends amusement ! But it was the Fame and the stress of fame that I could not cope with. Trust me at times having 30+ people a day all wanting your time and to ask you questions was exhausting. I used to get back to my hotel Fucked ! I had walked 15 miles some days and spoken to over 100 people over 8 hours on a Photowalk. It really was time to re think my life.

By Warren Millar

I said to myself I need a new plan and was going to do lots of YouTube and step back from the rest but I also had lots of other ideas in my head ! The Stroke came along and made up my mind for me so I just retired. I look now how people crave fame and fortune and my Fame was just a drop in the Ocean but I would not wish that on anyone ! I have met some amazing people because of it and don’t regret it for one minute but am so glad I was only a little bit famous ! You can see how your life changes and does not become your own very very quickly ! I will make a YouTube video explaining this in detail in the future. Have a great week.

Keswick in Winter

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It’s so nice to be able to get away and unwind. The weather in the Lakes is crazy this time of year and getting battered around in a camper van in high winds is always interesting !

Derwent Water

But it’s those moments in between that are magic ! The colours change so fast one minute ran then sleet then snow. Wind Hale and warm and cold light tones changing by the second ! The beauty of a camera phone is not lost on me !

Light on Cat Bells

I took my camera with me yesterday and hardly used it ! Just kept pulling my phone out. It’s so easy just to snap and edit on the go. It’s crazy to think of the hours I spent copying images from memory cards then sitting at my desk editing ! I know they can only be used online or printed to A4 but I don’t really care !

I have captured so many great moments on my phone I would have missed with a camera it’s unreal.

Derwent Water
Light Rays over Derwent Water
Centenary Stones Derwent Water
Moody Keswick and Derwent Water
Moody Lakeland Skys
Amazing colours as the light changes over Keswick

I still love my cameras and had my G5 with me but there is nothing quite like the super fast lightweight smartphone for hiking photography.